A range of head mounted magnifiers for close conservation and inspection work. Can be worn with glasses. The lenses can be replaced and come in various magnifications.

Optivisor (image, top)

This is a very high quality magnifier featuring ground glass lens in your choice of magnification. Note that the higher the magnification the shorter the focal length away from the object - see chart below:

Dual Magnification Binocular Headband Magnifier (image, bottom)

This features a unique 'flip-down' extra set of lenses to increase the magnification.







Optivisor Headband Magnifier with choice of lens.


OBHM + one of 1.5x,1.75x, 2.0x,2.5x, 2.75x, 3.5x




Additional lens for Optivisor.


OBHMLENS + 1.5x,1.75x, 2.0x,2.5x, 2.75x, 3.5x




Optiloupe, giving 2.5x extra magnification.






Dual Magnification Headband Magnifier (with flip down lens 2.2x & 3.3x).






As above with 1.8x, 2.3x & optiloupe (extra 2.5x).





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