Pocket Handlamp (top image)

Pocket Handlamp with unique Aspherilux optical lens and powerful halogen lamp gives a perfect focused beam of light with no 'torch' type filament shadows or stray light at the edges. Ideal for inspecting works of art from 10mm to up to 10 metres. Produces 1800 lux at 500mm, with 3600K, 6 degree beam.
Size 100mm x 55mm x 15mm.
Available with standard (4 x AA) disposable batteries, or with environmentally responsible rechargeable Ni-MH batteries and charger.

Inspection Handlamp (middle image)

20w 6V (3200K) Tungsten Halogen flat beam. Complete with detachable head and connection to rechargable battery pack, mains charger, tripod and camera mount. A daylight filter is also available. Applications as HVL50/100, but lighter and more compact.
Size (without battery) 100mmx100mmx50mm
1500lux at 500mm, 3200K, 50 degree beam.

Portable Floodlight (bottom image)

50w 12V (3200K) Tungsten Halogen broad flat beam (100w version available). Floodlight is powered by a rechargable battery pack (weighs 1 kg) which has a should strap so the unit can be easily carried around. Complete with camera & tripod mount and mains charger. A daylight filter is available. Ideal for art inspection, still or video photography, indoor or outdoor use.
Size (without battery) 220mmx70mmx70mm.
3000lux at 500mm, 3200K, 40 degree beam.








New Aspherilux LED version with rechargeable integral battery D125LED

Inspection Handlamp 20w 6V (3200K).






20w spare lamp for HVL20






Spare 20W battery pack for HVL20.






High power 20w battery for HVL20






Black Case for HVL20.






Portable Floodlight 50w 12V (3200K).






Portable Floodlight 100w 12V (3200K).






50 or 100w spare lamp.


HVL50SL or 100SL



Black Case for HVL50 or 100 HVC50/100. HVC50/100 £60-00

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