The GP Mark 2 heated spatula system has been designed with a thermostatic controller giving a versatile, economical and highly reliable unit.

The standard control boxes are for use on 200–250V AC, and the standard XS 25w Iron plugs into the 13 amp socket at the rear. A heavy duty iron (HD) is also available for operations such as veneer laying, arduous conservation mounting, relining of canvas etc. The control box will allow accurate adjustment of any mains appliance up to 1000 watts, such as relining irons, heating mantles, ring heaters, relining blankets. The SS1 head is recommended for use with the HD iron, but all are fully interchangable between each system.
Compatable with the full range of CLE Spatula heads.






GP/XS Spatula unit with 3 heads, 220/240V.






GP/XS Spatula unit with 3 heads, export, 110/120V.






GP/HD Heavy duty version with 3 heads, 220/240V.






GP/HD Heavy duty, with 3 heads, export 110/120V.






XS Replacement iron (25 Watts).






HD Replacement iron (75 Watts).






XS Head collar.





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