The autopole (image, top) is a spring tensioned telescopic stand with rubber end cups, which jacks from floor to ceiling. It provides a rigid upright onto which various equipment can be attached. This is a versatile, space-saving alternative to trolley stands or fixed wall or ceiling mountings. Adjustable height for ceilings from 2.1m to 3.7m. An extension pole gives an extra 2m.

Using the Super Clamp (image, bottom) lighting or other equipment (cameras, IR Scope etc.) can be attached. Choice of an M8 or M10 mounting. CLE luminaires such as the HB Compact Lighthead, Projector, or Floodlights (image, right with TH Floodlight) can be mounted onto it .

Also available is the Magic Arm, a multi-adjustable arm/platform onto which most of the above can be mounted (not HB Luminaires).






Autopole Lighting Support






2m extension pole






Super clamp






Extension arm (for super clamp)






Magic arm





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