Daylight Bulb (top image)

- Tungsten filament lamp with blue glass envelope
- Life: 500-1000 hours

Spectral Distribution
These lamps emit a cool light with excellent colour rendering properties. They have an enhanced spectral distribution. They simulate daylight to a high degree. Natural daylight is normally benchmarked at approximately 5,400K, but it should be borne in mind that it can vary between 10,000K in winter and 3,000K in summer.

Unlike most enhanced spectrum lighting systems these lamps have virtually no ultra violet content. This is an advantage in many circumstances as UV can often have a harmful effect on certain material (degradation of paint pigments, carpets, textiles, paper, photography etc).

No Strobing Effect
Daylight bulbs have none of the following side effects caused by fluorescent lighting:
- no flicker, most fluorescent light has some sort of flicker, even though it may not be detectable by the
human eye. This is a common cause of migraines and eye strain.
- they light up immediately and do not cause radio or TV interference when switched on.

Available in bayonet (BC) or screw (ES) fitting.
- 150w BC Daylight approx 5,000K.
- 60w/100w ES Reflector Spots RO80 4,000K.
- 60w/75w BC or ES Daylight approx. 4,000K.
- 100w BC or ES Daylight approx 5,000K.

Daylight Compact Bulb (bottom image)

Range of compact fluroescent lamps colour corrected to 6,000K. Energy saving 20W fitting equivalent to 100W Daylight Bulb, but with low heat output and longer life. Available in ES or BC fitting.





Daylight 100w ES/BC 240V 50Hz.






Daylight 75w ES/BC 240V 50Hz.






Daylight 60w ES/BC 240V 50Hz.






Daylight Spot 60W ES only 240V 50Hz






Daylight Spot 100W ES only 240V 50Hz





Daylight Compact Lamp 20w ES 240V 50Hz.




Daylight Compact Lamp 20w BC 240V 50Hz.





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