The Find-R-Scope is a self contained, handheld infrared viewer which operates in the near infrared range of the spectrum. A high resolution image converter tube, P-20 phosphor screen and high voltage power supply combine with precision optics to permit a clear view of objects or image which could not otherwise be seen by the naked eye. The standard Find-R-Scope 1200nm viewer has a spectral response from 350 to 1250nm, peaking at 800nm. Units are also available with sensitivities out to 1300 and 1550nm.

The Find-R-Scope has a wide variety of applications in many different industries, particularly when used with the available accessories. The close-up lens allows for viewing within 6” (153mm) to align and verify fiber optic sources. The infrared filters increase the signal to noise ratio by blocking visible light for inspecting infrared emitting diodes, aligning laser systems and examining art and other historic documents. Applications include low light surveillance, biological research, electrical maintenance, clinical medicine, natural history etc.

The Find-R-Scope can be used to detect forgeries, erasures and alterations to documents, archives and works of art. It is widely used for investigating ‘carbon data’, such as charcoal drawings, pencil under paint on canvas, panels, frames, sculpture and other historical works.

Also available, Electronic Infrared Viewers, with miniature CCD camera and BNC output to allow use with TV/monitor, video recorder and capture by computer. Ideal for inspection for art restoration, documentation and archival recording. For more information please request a data sheet. Prices by quotation.


Field of view: 40deg
Magnification: 1:1
Focal Range: 6” (153mm) to infinity
Dimensions: 153 x 54 x 178mm
Weight: 22oz/625g
Tube Resolution: 60 line pairs/mm
Power Supply Life: 2500 hours
Body Material: Polycarbonate
Operating Temperature: -32 deg C to 46 deg C (-25F to 115F)










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