Designed as a mobile studio, laboratory or site luminaire, for conservators, restorers and artists. The luminaire provides a constant colour corrected 'daylight' source, allowing work to be carried out during the day or night, on paintings, sculpture, textiles, archives etc. The luminaire gives shadow free, colour corrected, cool and constant light, without the need for a north facing studio or skylights, and are widely used for all critical colour appraisal work. With low glare, reflection free illumination and virtually no infra-red or ultra violet emission. Conforming to BS4533(101), tested and approved for use in museums and art galleries world wide. The High Brightness Compact lighthead, with high frequency electronic integral control gear gives flicker/strobe-free light . Incorporating the high brightness C95 PLL tubes. This light head gives up to 4,000 lux at 1 metre. The light head is easily removed from the Tripod, and once detached the whole unit can be carried in two pieces by one person.

Features the latest Tripod stand with casters and telescopic poles. Has a maximum height of 2.6m, with a collapsed size of 1.15m, making the Tripod Luminaire a very portable solution for both studio and site work. A weighted base version is required for use with 6 tube HB Compact lightheads (see below).

A sandbag base stabilizer is available for site work. POA






HB Tripod Luminaire High Frequency, 4 tubes 36w PLLTLD95 220/240V.






HB Tripod (weighted) Luminaire High Frequency, 6 tubes 36w PLLTLD95 220/240V.






HB Tripod Luminaire High Frequency, 4 tubes 55w PLLTLD95 220/240V.






HB Tripod (weighted) Luminaire High Frequency, 6 tubes 55w PLLTLD95 220/240V.






Switching option to allow choice of 2,4 or 6 tubes on/off (for 6 tube versions only).


Code +2/4/6



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