Electroluminescent Light Sheet (image right)

A flexible, paper thin, cold, water proof, white light source. Suitable for paper, book, textile, manuscript and map conservation, allows ' light box ' type inspection, or photography of water marks etc. without damage to delicate objects.
The ' light sheet ' can be slid between fragile pages, or rolled to fit shaped objects, and will not emit any infra-red or ultra-violet rays. It will remain completely cold during operation, keeping the valuable work totally safe whilst being used.
It can be used in conjunction with other examination tools, such as the Ultrasonic Humidifier and Preservation Pencil, as it is totally water proof. A clear glass or perspex sheet can be placed over the Luminescent Sheet to provide a safe cutting surface.
The surface light level is above 200 lux on the A4 version, but this light level will be reduced during the life of the sheet and we recommend its use be restricted to applications where a light box cannot be used.
Electrical: 220/240V 50Hz.
Other sizes and voltages can be made to customers requirements.

Fibre Optic Light Sheet (not illustrated)

Only 1.8mm thick but very high brightness. Water resistant and safe to use in damp conditions, as no electricity is connected to the light sheet or fibre-optic cable. A selector switch allows 3 settings, high/low/off.






Light Sheet, (A4) size 210x297mm, 220/240V 50Hz.






Fibre Optic Light Sheet (A4) size 210x297mm, 220/240V 50Hz.





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