Extraction system for varnish, fume and dust removal, for use in conservation studio's, laboratories and workshops. The spring assisted arms with rotating mounting give universal movement of the head, allowing the unit to be used in confined spaces and over tables or easels. The overal height when not used is 1320mm and base dimensions are 400 high x 540 deep x 540 width excluding silencer or filters.
A wall mounted version is available where floor space is restricted or when it is necessary to gain extra reach of up to 4 metres.
The 525 standard unit has a 2 metre arm reach with 3 metres of output ducting with a potential extraction rate of 800 cubic metres per hour and a low noise level of 74db (A) at 1 metre. The extraction rate and noise level can be reduced by the variable damper provided on the head. A silencer can be added to reduce the noise level by another 5db.
The new integral twin filter box system can be provided where the output cannot be ducted to the exterior environment. These are disposable with a life of several months, dependent on the absorption of fumes or dusts into the activated charcoal elements (suitable for hydrocarbon or solvent fumes).
Complies with COSHH regulations in providing an extraction system which prevents exposure to hazardous substances both to yourself and colleagues working in the same environment.






CLE/Nederman Mobile Extractor unit 220/240V 50Hz.






Silencer unit (5db. reduction).






Dust Filter Bag.






Twin 525 integral filter system for fumes/gases etc.






Twin activated carbon filters, replacements.






Extra output ducting 150mm acid proof per metre.






Output port-hole sealer kit for windows.






Louvre shutter for window/wall connection.





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