The new MK2 PreserVac has been designed as a larger alternative to the CLE micro vac DA7C, and is an improvement on the MK2 model. The kit includes a mini hose and brush kit for delicate textile, archive and other conservation work. It is only 2kg in weight and can be carried with the shoulder strap provided and 5m long cable, making it ideal for site work, even on steps or scaffolding.
The motor allows suction or blowing and comes with a set of flexible soft rubber nozzles and set of mini nozzles with soft PVC ends as well as two brushes. The variable suction control allows work on even the most delicate items.
The replaceable filter removes all dry dust particles and the detachable collection bag allows removal of any small items mistakenly vacuumed. The illustation above shows all the items included in the PV3 kit. The kit includes two hoses which can be committed to double the length, one for vacuum and one for blowing, to which can be attached two large nozzles or, via an adapter, a smaller hose with a set of mini nozzles.
For safety the unit is electronically double insulated.






Mk3 PreserVac kit, 220/240V 50Hz.






Mk3 PreserVac kit (export version), 110/120V






Spare filter pack (5).






Medic/HEPA filter for Bacteria/Virus etc.






Charcoal odour filter.






Carry Bag (black).






Spare mini adapter/nozzle kit.





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