Philips TLD95 -(GraphicA)

BS950 Part 1

The TLD95 is ideal for restoration and conservation work where 'full spectrum' daylight is essential, but without the harmful effects of Ultra Violet or Infra Red radiation. It is only 25mm (1in) diameter but will also fit all original CLE luminaires.

This lamp is almost obligatory for the viewing of both originals and reproductions of colour prints and transparencies. The TLD95 has a multi-phosphor coated tube, designed specifically to comply with the visible spectrum requirements of BS 950 Part 1 and ISO 3664.

Colour Rendering Index of the TLD95 is 98. Philips TLD95 is primarily for viewing booths, conservation luminaires and transparency boxes. In addition, the same source should preferably be used for general lighting purposes in the same room to preserve chromatic adaptation. For all critical work, the illumination level should be high: the BS recommends a level of 2200 lux on the test surface in a viewing booth: for transparencies the luminance of the viewing screen should be a minimum of 4000 lux.






TLD95, 1500mm (5ft), 65/58W.






TLD95, 1200mm (4ft), 40/36W.






TLD95, 900mm (3ft), 30W.






TLD95, 60mm (2ft), 20/18W.






TLD95, 450mm (18in), 15W.





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