Philips TLD96 - BS950 Part 2 (northlight)

TLD96 gives good colour rendering on the blues, greens etc, but is weaker on browns and reds. However, if used with another source of illumination such as a Tungsten Halogen or natural daylight they may be useful for certain conservation work. The TLD96 is a new triphosphor tube with improved characteristics. It is only 25mm (1in) diameter but will also fit all original CLE luminaires.

TLD96 complies with the visible spectrum requirements of BS 950 Part 2 and ISO 3664 and has high fidelity colour rendering properties. It is principally intended for critical colour appraisal of samples, of e.g. paints, dyes or textiles and also for general lighting, e.g. in printing works. It is also used where materials are graded by a small difference in colour appearance. Colour matches made under this light source are similar to those made under common phases of North daylight and therefore, the TLD96 can be used in the majority of applications where previously only daylight was reliable. It is important that a reasonably high level of illumination (the BS recommends 750-3200 lux) is maintained over the whole of the area where matching takes place





TLD96, 2400mm (8ft), 125/100W.






TLD96, 1800mm (6ft), 85W.






TLD96, 1500mm (5ft), 65/58W.






TLD96, 1200mm (4ft), 40/36W.






TLD96, 900mm (3ft), 30W.






TLD96, 60mm (2ft), 20/18W.






TLD96, 450mm (18in), 15W.





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