Blacklight UV Tubes

CLE's range of UV Luminaires and Handlamps are all fitted with the new Blacklight Longwave tubes (illustration shows UV tubes in UV Vertical Luminaire), radiating in the 355-360nm region (UVA), but with an integral filter to absorb the visible and short wave light. These are ideal for investigative and photographic work on works of art, including textiles, oil paintings, water colours, archives, stamps, ceramics and sculpture. Conservators, historians and dealers have used these to detect overpainting, previous restoration, imperfections, forgeries and repairs.
The tubes are totally safe for use without protection, but special spectacles and goggles are available to enhance vision and reduce any 'glare'. Special tubes can be supplied for bleaching paper, destruction of spores & mould growth, adhesive setting etc. (data on request).
BLB UV tubes are available for Fluorescent Task lights, UV Vertical Luminaires, and Handlamps (see UV/IR equipment). A range of black carry cases are available which have a foam lining to allow other small instruments to be inserted


BLB UV, 1198mm (4ft), 40W/36W.






BLB UV, 900mm (3ft), 30W.






BLB UV, 589mm (2ft), 20W/18W.






BLB UV, 436mm (18"), 15W.






BLB UV 287mm (12"), 8W.






BLB UV 211mm (9"), 6W.






BLB UV 135mm (6"), 4W





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