These CLE tacking irons have plug-in temperature controllers and are designed for use with the full range of CLE spatula heads. They have quality electronic variable temperature controllers, but in low-cost 'plug-in' form, making them conveniently portable for on-site, as well as studio use.

Applications include:
Tacking dry mounting tissue, textile micro-ironing, wax lining, spatula work and general conservation use.

Two irons are available, the XS and HD, both come with an S11 head. Other heads are available from our range (see Spatula head profiles).

The XS Iron is for delicate tacking and spatula work.
A support collar is available for use with the XS Iron for applications where spatula work may require greater support or where larger heads are used (other than S10, S11, S20, S21, S22, S23).

The HD Iron is for heavy duty applications, where more pressure is required or higher temperatures used. Larger heads such as the SS1 are recommended for use with the HD Iron.






Plug-in tacking system with XS iron, 220/240V.






Collar for XS iron.






Plug-in tacking system with HD iron, 220/240V.





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