Designed for picture conservators and artists who require more adjustability and versatility than a traditional easel, and yet the ability to handle large canvases, heavy panels or icons.
The counterbalance system uses rear ballast weights which allow balancing and easy vertical movement of paintings. A vertical lock is available if required.
Paintings can be tilted 10 degrees forward or back and rotated through 180 degrees and locked in any position. Large canvases can be held by the extendable arms and smaller items can be held by a central slider, with the new HD carrier giving greater support and flexibility.


Capacity: 25Kg max weight.

Panel/canvas size: 2200mm x 2500mm (large loads will reduce tilt and rotation functions).

Frame construction: Welded steel with matt black epoxy coated finish.

Sizes: Frame height: 2090mm; base: 790mm x 580mm.

Picture carrier: 915mm high x 810mm wide.

Custom options include:

Locking rubber wheels, and custom built versions such as wall fixed or tracking versions.






Standard with 25kg, 2.2m x 2.5m capacity.






Vertical movement locking to above.






Increased capacity (specify requirements).






Non-swivel action, open steel frame picture support (similar to TME).






Original black plywood carrier panel support.






Tilt locking device, for extra support on heavy panels etc.





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