The CLE low pressure spray unit has been designed for varnish and lacquer spraying, and is especially suitable for conservators and restorers of oil paintings and works of art. The unit has the following advantages:

  • Low pressure system has low mist, no ‘bounce-back’ and minimal overspray.

  • Savings in time, energy and materials.

  • Faster drying time with high quality finish.

  • Turbine system ensures that the 'heated' air is delivered free from oil and condensation.

  • Rotatable nozzle head giving choice of horizontal or vertical spray pattern, round or fan shape with variable width pattern.

  • Highly flexible air feed hose allows total mobility. The 6 metre hose also complies with the Health and Safety/COSHH regulations requiring the motor to be at least 4 metres from the spray area.

  • Paint pot situated below gun gives full manoeuvrability, allowing better vision than a gravity cup system.

  • Pressure fed paint pot allows varnish to be warmed on a heating mantle prior to spraying.

  • High quality Aluminium spray gun and pot with no plastic parts. The robust Turbine motor is housed in a lightweight steel portable case.





Complete system with spray gun, hose and turbine motor unit 220/240V AC.






Complete system with spray gun, hose and turbine motor unit 110/120V AC.





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