The DA7C pump was designed to give a high flow rate and a controlled increase in the vacuum/pressure. This gives an ideal system for vacuum domes, micro suction cleaning and blowing, for use in all areas of conservation and preservation.

The DA7C is a quiet, oil free, diaphragm pump which has a removable and replaceable inlet filter. This gives ‘micro suction cleaning’ applications on textiles, sculptures, archives, books, paintings and archaeology. The vacuum/blower brush (illustrated) is useful for this, as well as static dust removal and blowing dust from cracks and crevices. The special PVC bubble tubing can be cut to give a 2mm to 8mm orifice for positive suction and blow cleaning.
A vacuum tweezer set (illustrated on Vacuum Tweezer Unit page) is available for lifting larger fragments than would be possible with the vacuum tweezer unit. The tweezers can also be used as a dust and ‘spore’ suction probe with a replaceable filter cassette to collect particulates.
Vacuum domes are available for use with the DA7C in 3 sizes. They are ideal for adhesive impregnation on cracked panels, icons, oil paintings, wall paintings etc. The consolidant adhesive is drawn into the crevice by the evacuation of air over the area without damage to the work, due to the controlled vacuum and neoprene seal. Vacuum adjustment is by a ‘bleed’ orifice or ‘flow’ tap.

Hand Vacuum Dome (bottom image)

The hand vacuum dome has a rubber bulb for low vacuum work and does not require a pump. However the bulbs can be removed and the dome attached via the tubing to the DA7C.





Vacuum Pump DA7C, 220/240V 50Hz.






Vacuum Pump DA7C (export version), 110/120V.





Vacuum tweezer unit 220/240



Vacuum tweezer unit 110/120




Vacuum Domes 4in. dia. (glass).






Vacuum Domes 6in. dia. (Perspex).






Vacuum Domes 6in. x 2.5in. (Perspex).






Hand Vacuum Dome 2.5in. (Glass).






PVC bubble tubing per metre.






Vacuum Tweezer set for DA7C pump.






Vac/blow brush & tubing for DA7C pump.






Carry Bag (black).





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