Designed as an economical alternative to the pantograph luminaire, to allow conservators and artists to work without floor stands or trailing cables. It is ideal for lower ceilings than the pantograph will accomodate; below 10ft high.

The Luminaire is a High Brightness Compact lighthead, with high frequency electronic integral control gear giving flicker/strobe-free light . Incorporating the high brightness C95 PLL tubes. This light head gives up to 4,000 lux at 1 metre. It gives a shadow free, colour corrected, cool and constant source of 'daylight' without the need for north facing studio or skylights. Restoration and conservation work can be carried out at night on paintings, sculptures, textiles, archives etc.

The luminaire is counterbalanced by a sliding weight on the twin wall track.The yacht fittings and high tensile cable give a smooth, safe movement. The luminaire head rotates and tilts on its horizontal axis to give low glare and reflection free illumination of up to 3,500 lux at 1 metre, with Infra Red and Ultra Violet filtration.





Mini Pantograph Luminaire with 6 PLL C95 HB Tubes 36W 240V 50Hz






Mini Pantograph Luminaire with 4 PLL C95 HB Tubes 55W 240V 50Hz






Mini Pantograph Luminaire with 6 PLL C95 HB Tubes 55W 240V 50Hz






Switching option to allow choice of 2,4 or 6 tubes on/off (for 6 tube versions only).


Code +2/4/6



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