CLE have developed this High Brightness Compact Luminaire in response to requests by English Heritage, the National Trust and many conservators. It utilises the new compact PLL Colour 95 fluorescent tubes which are specially manufactured for accurate colour rendition and high brightness. Fitted with new electronic high frequency ballasts. This system has many advantages over conventional units:
– Smaller, lighter luminaire head with integral control gear.
– Portable, with many base and mounting options (see below).
– Ideal for use on-site providing high brightness, but cool and safe for use near works of art.
– Makes dangerously hot floodlights, using Tungsten Halogen and Metal Halide, redundant.
– Colour corrected new C95 tubes comply with BS950 Pt2 (ISO 3664), and are ideal for all restoration and conservation work, with negligable UV and IR.
– Colour rendering index 98, colour temperature 5300K giving up to 4000 lux at 1 metre.
– High frequency ballasts give zero flicker and ensure long tube life.
– Suitable for Digital Imaging, video and standard colour/black & white photography.

Aluminium light head with clear prismatic acrylic diffuser and black tubular tilt arm.
4 tubes 36W PLL (490mm x 410mm x 65mm)
6 tubes 36W PLL (900mm x 365mm x 65mm)
4 tubes 55W PLL (640mm x 410mm x 65mm)
6 tubes 55W PLL (1180mm x 410mm x 65mm)
Electrical: 220/240V AC 50Hz or 110/120V AC 50-60Hz (to order)

Mounting Options
Mounting trolley bases and suspension systems listed as links below:

HB Trolley Luminaire
HB Boom Arm Trolley Luminaire
HB Economy Trolley Luminaire
HB Pantograph Luminaire
HB Mini Pantograph Luminaire
HB Tripod Luminaire
HB Luminaire mounted on Autopole Support System






HB Compact Luminaire High Frequency, 4 tubes 36w PLLTLD95 220/240V.






HB Compact Luminaire High Frequency, 6 tubes 36w PLLTLD95 220/240V.






HB Compact Luminaire High Frequency, 4 tubes 55w PLLTLD95 220/240V.






HB Compact Luminaire High Frequency, 6 tubes 55w PLLTLD95 220/240V.






Switching option to allow choice of 2,4 or 6 tubes on/off (for 6 tube versions only).


Code +2/4/6



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