Designed as a mobile studio or laboratory luminaire, for conservators, restorers and artists. The luminaires provide a constant colour corrected 'daylight' source, during the day or night, on paintings, sculpture, textiles, archives etc.
The luminaires give shadow free, colour corrected, cool and constant light, without the need for a north facing studio or skylights, and are widely used for all critical colour appraisal work.
The luminaire has a counterbalanced vertical movement, with balanced swivel and tilt actions in all directions. With low glare, reflection free illumination and virtually no infra-red or ultra violet emission. Conforming to BS 4533 (101), tested and approved for use in museums and art galleries worldwide.

Two versions are available:


Diffuser: clear prismatic perspex.

Frame size: Height 2090 mm, base 760 x 560mm

Construction: Welded steel with matt black epoxy coated finish.Aluminium light head.

Options: 2/4/6 tubeswitching; high frequency control gear (for clients affected by fluorescent tube "strobe", only available on HBTL); increased frame height; coloured frames; egg crate grill screens; heavy duty rubber wheels; and special custom built to your requirement.


Standard HBTL: 220/240V AC 50Hz

Standard TL: 240/250V AC 50Hz

Export:220/230V AC 50Hz, 110/120V AC 60Hz, 120/127V AC 50Hz

High Brightness Trolley Luminaire
Features the High Brightness Compact lighthead, with high frequency electronic integral control gear and high brightness C95 PLL tubes. This light head gives up to 4,000 lux at 1 metre. The light head and arm is easily removed, without the need for tools.

Trolley Luminaire (image right)
Features conventional light head, with choice of either TLD95 (daylight) or TLD96 (northlight) tubes. It provides up to 3,500 lux at 1 metre distance.





HB Trolley Luminaire with 4 tubes 55w PLL95 High Frequency, 220/240V 50Hz.






HB Trolley Luminaire with 6 tubes 36w PLL95 High Frequency, 220/240V 50Hz






HB Trolley Luminaire with 6 tubes 55w PLL95 High Frequency, 220/240V 50Hz.






Trolley Luminaire with 6 tubes 5ft 58w TLD95 or TLD96 (specify) , 240V 50Hz.






Trolley Luminaire with 6 tubes 4ft 36w TLD95 or TLD96 (specify), 240V 50Hz.






Switching option to allow choice of 2,4 or 6 tubes on/off (for 6 tube versions only).


Code +2/4/6



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