Mounted either directly on the ceiling or onto optional ceiling tracks (as illustrated, left). The Pantograph Luminaire allows conservators and artists to work without floor stands taking up valuable space or with trailing cables.
The luminaires give a shadow free, colour corrected, cool and constant source of ‘daylight’ without the need for north facing studio or skylights. Restoration and conservation work can be carried on at night on paintings, sculptures, textiles, archives etc.
The pantograph has constant ‘Tensator’ coil springs at the top of the carrier which gives a perfect counterbalance allowing the luminaire to be positioned with finger tip control and yet remain completely steady in use.
The luminaire head can be fully rotated or tilted to giving low glare and reflection free illumination with Infra Red and U.V. filtration.
The twin track system is available in 3 metre lengths up to 30 metres with custom options for ceiling mounts, suspension, or joist mounting. Several units can be mounted on one track.

Two versions are available:

High Brightness Pantograph Luminaire
Features the High Brightness Compact lighthead, with high frequency electronic integral control gear and high brightness C95 PLL tubes. This light head gives up to 4,000 lux at 1 metre.

Pantograph Luminaire (illustrated left, top & bottom)
Features standard tubes, with choice of either TLD95 (daylight) or TLD96 (northlight). With remote ceiling or track mounted control box.


Standard HB PL 220/250V AC 50Hz

Standard PL 240/250V AC 50Hz

Export specifications to order:

110/120V AC 60Hz

120/127V AC 50Hz





HB Pantograph Luminaire with 6 tubes 36w PLL95 High Frequency, 220/240V 50Hz.






HB Pantograph Trolley Luminaire with 4 tubes 55w PLL95 High Frequency, 220/240V 50Hz.






HB Pantograph Luminaire with 6 tubes 55w PLL95 High Frequency, 220/240V 50Hz.






Pantograph Luminaire with 6 tubes 1200mm (4ft) 40/368w TLD95 or TLD96, 240V 50Hz.






Pantograph Luminaire with 6 tubes 1400mm (5ft) 65/58w TLD95 or TLD96, 240V 50Hz.






Ceiling Track System mounting kit for any of above


Code + 'T'


10% on above


Ceiling Track System lengths of track (3 metres min)




£198-00 per metre


Switching option to allow choice of 2,4 or 6 tubes on/off (for 6 tube versions only).


Code +2/4/6



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