CLE's new mark 4 Projector Luminaires are designed for "in-painting" restoration, microscope work, inspection, cleaning, display, and as a "raking" light source. The dichroic reflector, 50w 12V tungsten-halogen lamp, gives a cold light beam rated at 3,200K with a 3,000 hour average life. This gives excellent colour rendering on all warm colours and has the ability to cut through dark tones and aged varnish on oil paintings. The front lens can be focused to give a flat, hard or soft edge beam, variable from round to square, with magnetic framing blades. The infra-red and ultraviolet transmission is reduced to a minimium by the biconvex lens system and dichroic reflector. The 75W version gives an increase of illumination by 40%, but will also produce more heat on the light head.
- Total arm reach over 1 metre.
- 3000 lux light level at 300mm distance.
- Available as a table clamped, wall fixed, or mobile trolley mounted unit.
- Provides a compact, cool and high intensity light source designed for inspection,'in-painting' restoration, microscope work,as a 'raking' light source, cleaning and display.
- Projector can be focused for a flat beam, usable close to your work.
- Low voltage for total safety, to remote transformer unit.
- 50W L.V.Tungsten Halogen lamp with focusing front lens, framing facility and optional Daylight/Northlight filters.
There are two types of filters available; "Daylight" for daylight compensation when working on blues and greens and "Northlight "(O8B equivalent) for cutting through yellow aged varnish to reveal the true colours under any surface. For museum/permanent display the UV filter cuts out 99% of UV emission. An Infra-red screen provides IR light for use with IR viewers (see Find-R-Scope).

Also available: The Economy Trolley Projector version uses a telescopic trolley (similar to Economy Trolley Luminaire), with just vertical movement. The Wall/Ceiling Projector has an integral transformer for illuminating works of art, or as a portable light which can be mounted on clamps or mounted on trolleys, tripods, or autopole support system.






Boom Arm Trolley Projector, 50W 240V 50Hz.






Wall/Ceiling Boom Arm Trolley Projector, 50W 240V 50Hz.






Wall/Ceiling Boom Arm Projector only, 50W 240V 50Hz.






Economy Trolley Projector,50W 240V 50Hz.






Projector Task Light with table clamp






Projector Task Light with wall mounting






Projector Task Light with mobile heavy duty trolley






Lamp 50W, 12V spare.






Lamp 75W, 12V spare.






4200K filter






5500K filter






UV filter





IR emitter screen



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