These CLE converted irons have a heavy-duty chrome plated base plate, polished to a hard mirror finish, giving extra weight and good heat retention and distribution.
Applications include wax relining canvases, textile ironing and other conservation uses.

The variable controllers allow these to be used directly from the mains supply, but for more accuracy at low temperatures (i.e. below 100 deg C) plug into the GP Spatula control box.

The Digital Thermometer Kit fits on the rear of the Irons with the remote probe in one of the monitoring holes.

The Economy Digital Thermometer is equally effective with a direct probe reading from the hole location.

The Large Relining Iron 220/240V AC has a sole plate 220mm x 125mm x 12mm, with a total weight of 4 kgs. Mirror finished, polished chrome.

The Small Relining Iron 110/240V AC has a sole plate 150mm x 100mm x 12mm with a total weight of 2.0 kg. Mirror finished, polished chrome.





Large Relining Iron, 220/240V AC.






Large Relining Iron (export version), 110/120V AC.






Small Relining Iron 110/240V AC.






Digital thermometer (economy)





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