CLE offer a range of tripod stands onto which most of our luminaires can be mounted, providing a cost effective, flexible and portable conservation lighting solution. Tripods can also be used to mount other equipment such as cameras, the Find-R-Scope etc.

Mobile tripod stand
Tripod stand with casters and telescopic poles. A fixing bracket on the top accepts lighting equipment and arm extensions. It has a maximum height of 2.6m, with a collapsed size of 1.15m. Three versions are available:

Standard for use with CLE Projectors, Luminaires, Floodlights etc.

Heavy duty for use with 4 tube HB Compact Lighthead.

Base weighted version for use with 6 tube HB Compact Lighthead.

Also available is a sandbag stabiliser for studio use.

Lightweight Stand (not illustrated)
A telescopic tripod stand which accepts CLE equipment. It has a maximium height of 1.7m and a collapsed size of 660mm. Suitable for Floodlights, Projectors etc, but not HB Compact Luminaires.






Standard Mobile Tripod Stand






Heavy Duty Mobile Tripod Stand






New Winch High Reach Tripod Stand






Lightweight Stand





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