The Ultrasonic Humidifier provides an extremely fine cold mist, ideal for room use to help maintain a constant level of moisture in the atmosphere, for conservation and user comfort throughout the seasons. The room nozzle gives a directional source to give greater humidity in a particular area, such as a micro-environment or relaxation chamber.
The hose and attachment gives even greater flexibility for conservators to use the unit as a link to a relaxation chamber for paper, textile and book conservation. With the clear EVA ribbed tubing it cannot be 'kinked' and protects from escaping moisture droplets.The soft PVC nozzles allow the conservator to 'spot' relax and moisturize, without over wetting, and clean all works of art on paper, parchment, leather, textiles etc. The tubing links to the heated Preservation Pencil for even more versatility of use.
The unit has a large reservoir with capacity for 3.6 litres of water, giving 10 hours of use on maximum setting before refilling.
The variable flow control dial is useful for fine tuning for room or chamber humidification.

Note: Subject to design change





Ultrasonic Humidifier Mk.5 with room nozzle only, 220/240V 50Hz 32-40W






Ultrasonic Humidifier Mk.5 with 1.63m EVA clear hose, and PVC nozzles






Spare hose, nozzles & connector to fit above






Spare hose and nozzles only






Spare demineralization cartridge





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