The Preservation Pencil provides a fine jet of moisture, with a temperature range from ambient to 98 deg C, it is used for removing animal glue, separating paper layers, relaxing and cleaning.
It is designed to be used with the Ultrasonic Humidifier which produces cold moisture which can be heated by attaching the hose to the Preservation Pencil. The temperature can be selected precisely by the controller, with actual output temperature shown on a digital display. Fully adjustable controls allow the selection of the temperature of air and moisture flow. The unit is supplied complete with 3 nozzles to suit most applications.
The Pencil does not contain a high pressure chamber of steam or water and will not spit or drip.
The Pencil can be used with or without moisture as a gentle hot air blower, and applications include conservation of blistered paintings, polychrome sculptures, icons etc. An adapter can be provided to allow it to be used with the DA7C pump system.






Preservation Pencil 220/240V AC






Preservation Pencil 110/120V AC






Bench Bracket






Articulated Bench Bracket






NEW Long reach (950mm) articulated arm & bracket





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