The new Mark 2 Temperature Controlled Digital Heated Spatula System has been designed with microchip circuitry to give accurate temperature control with a digital display.
The moderate price allows private conservators and museums to purchase a reliable and practical system. The TCD system is designed for use with the wide range of handmade CLE spatula heads; these are interchangeable amongst all the CLE Irons and systems (see Tacking Irons, GP Heated Spatula System).

The Iron incorporates a thermocouple probe which constantly measures and controls the spatula head temperatures, being monitored digitally on the display in degrees Celsius.

System Details

The control box is 220-240V AC, and the XSD Iron 50W 24V AC.
The system comes complete with head locking key and choice of 3 spatula heads: one of either SS2 or SS3; S10 or S11; SS4 or SS5 (see CLE Spatula Heads).






Mk2 TC Digital Spatula unit, with choice of 3 heads, 220/240V.






Mk2 TC Digital Spatula unit (export version), with choice of 3 heads, 110/120V.






TCD replacement Iron 24V 50w.






XSD replacement head collar.





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