Find-R-Scope Infrared Viewer

A handheld Infra-Red viewer used to detect forgeries and alterations to works of art and documents.


UV Vertical Luminaire

Suitable for photography and inspection work, with telescopic movement and trolley base. Light head features choice of 2 or 4 tube versions, with Blacklight UV tubes. Complete with hinged barn door.


UV Hand Luminaire (mains powered)

Mains powered UV handheld luminaire with choice of either 2 x 225mm or 2 x 300mm BLB UV tubes. Shrouded and insulated black ABS cover with handle & 4 metres of cable.


Rechargeable UV Hand Luminaire

Features twin 225mm BLB UV tubes and reflective coating behind and alongside tubes to increase light intensity directed forwards. With integral battery and charger.


UV Battery Powered Handlamps

A range of pocket sized UV handlamps, battery powered. Complete with BLB UV tube.


UV/Daylight Handlamp Magnifier

Allows UV inspection through glass magnifier, but with fast switching from UV to daylight. For archival, antique and art detection work. Mains powered.


UV Protective Eyewear

A range of protective UV eyewear.


UV Meters

A range of UV intensity meters.


Spare BLB UV Tubes

BLB UV tubes to fit all of CLE's range of UV equipment.