High Brightness (HB) Compact Lighthead

A new compact lighthead, designed to give shadow & flicker-free light. Light-weight, high brightness, featuring new PLL Colour 95 'daylight' tubes and electronic high frequency ballasts. Superior to our conventional lightheads. Available mounted on any of CLE's trolleys, tripods, stands or pantographs.


Trolley Luminaire/HB Trolley Luminaire

Counterbalanced luminaire with robust trolley base. Gives shadow-free 'daylight' quality light, for conservators, restorers and artists. Choice of TLD95 or TLD96 tubes.

HB Trolley Luminaire features the HB Compact high frequency lighthead.


Boom Arm Trolley Luminaire/HB Boom Arm Trolley Luminaire

Counterbalanced Luminaire with boom arm to allow lighthead to reach 'over the shoulder' of a seated conservator, or over table etc. Choice of TLD95 or TLD96 tubes.

HB Boom Arm Trolley Luminaire features the HB Compact high frequency lighthead..


Economy Trolley Luminaire/HB Economy Trolley Luminaire

A more portable version of the trolley luminaire with telescopic vertical movement. Provides shadow-free 'daylight' quality lighting. Choice of TLD95 or TLD96 tubes.

HB Trolley Luminaire features the HB Compact high frequency lighthead..


HB Mobile Tripod Luminaire

A very portable luminaire with pneumatic telescopic vertical movement. Unit is collapsible and can be carried by one person. Provides shadow-free 'daylight' quality lighting, features the HB Compact high frequency lighthead..


Pantograph Luminaire/HB Pantograph Luminaire

Mounted directly onto a ceiling or onto ceiling tracks it provides shadow-free 'daylight' quality light without taking up valuable floor space. The pantograph mechanism allows the lighthead to be moved up and down with one hand and also rotated or tilted.Choice of TLD95 or TLD96 tubes.

HB Pantograph Luminaire features the HB Compact high frequency lighthead.


HB Mini Pantograph Luminaire

Suitable for studios with lower ceilings, the mini pantograph mechanism has a maximum 2 metre extension. Incorporating a light-weight HB Compact high frequency lighthead.


Vertical Luminaire/UV Vertical Luminaire

Suitable for photography and inspection work, with telescopic movement and trolley base. Light head features choice of 2 or 4 tube versions, with either TLD95, TLD96 or Blacklight UV tubes (illustrated with hinged barn door).


Gallery Luminaire

A wall or ceiling mounted luminaire with lockable tilt action. Suitable for art galleries, painting exhibitions, and restoration studios. Complete with TLD95 or TLD96 tubes.


Light Boxes

A wide range of light boxes in sizes from A0 to A4 sizes including a battery operated mini light box. Easy to use lightbox for viewing and working on watermarks, maps, stained glass, x-ray negatives, water colours, transparencies, etc.


Illuminated Magnifier

High quality illuminated magnifier, giving shadow-free light. With cool-white, 'daylight' or Northlight tube. Available with a variety of mounting options including a range of trolleys.

An economy version features same choice of tubes, but a more basic build quality.


Fluorescent Task Light

High quality fluorescent task light with twin TLD95 or TLD96 tubes giving localised shadow-free light. Available with a range of mounting options including trolley bases.

An economy version features same choice of tubes, but a more basic build quality.


Projector Luminaire

This quality projector provides a cool focused beam of light for microscope, cleaning and inspection, 'in-painting' work. Available mounted on a robust trolley, task light arm, or mounted on wall or ceiling.


Light Sheet

A flexible, paper thin, cold, water proof, white light source. Can be slid between fragile pages, or flexed to fit manuscripts. Available in A4 size.

A fibre optic light sheet is also available with higher brightness. A4 size.


Inspection Handlamps and Portable Floodlight

The Inspection Handlamp (illustrated) has a Tungsten Halogen lamp with broad flat beam. Complete with rechargable battery and mains charger.

Aspherilux pocket handlamp, with halogen bulb with rechargeable version.

The Portable Floodlight has a Tungsten Halogen lamp and is complete with a remote, shoulder carried, rechargable battery pack.



A range of floodlights for mounting onto ceilings/walls, tripods or onto the Autopole Support System . Choice of Compact Fluorescent (as illustrated) or Tungsten Halogen floodlights. Daylight filters


Autopole Support System

Telescopic spring tensioned pole which fixes from ceiling to floor and provides a base on which most CLE light heads, including HB Compact, can be fitted. Shown here with Tungsten Halogen Floodlight.


Picture Lights

Custom adapted Picture Lights manufactured by Agabekov.


Artist Light

With universal movement and versatile clamp for fixture to vertical poles, shelves, easels etc. Ceramic 100W ES heatproof lamp holder, complete with Daylight bulb.


Daylight Bulb/Daylight Compact Lamps

Choice of Tungsten filament lamp with blue glass envelope giving flicker-free 'daylight' or Compact energy saving Daylight Lamp with longer life and low heat output. Available in various wattages and as ES or BC fittings.


Spare Tubes

Fluorescent tubes for all of CLE Luminaires, TLD95 (daylight), TLD96 (northlight), C95 PLL (daylight compact) and others.